Read these testimonials from our clients and heads of charities to find out how they value their experiences with Serious Injury Law.


“Really rate all staff, the communication levels and support they have offered and continue to offer.” 

Client of Solicitor, Julia Eyton, following a £2M compensation settlement. 


 “I feel I was important through the whole time and my needs and feelings have been taken into account from day one and still are.” 

Client of Solicitor, Victoria Martin, following a £500K compensation settlement.  


“I cannot fault Gavin Marsh (& his team) enough. Their approach to my case has been dealt with, and still is dealt with, with empathy and compassion. They check in on my healthcare and they have offered support also. Cannot fault their professionalism.” 

Client of Gavin Marsh, following a serious knee injury claim.  


“Overall, really happy with the service I have received. Been a long and time stressful process, but I felt the team were on hand to answer my questions honestly and professionally. Would highly recommend to anyone needing their services.” 

Client of Jane Lyons, following a road traffic collision.  


“Sarah Ryan has been great, I’ve had a few case handlers during my case, and I can’t fault any of them. My case is still ongoing and I know and feel that I’m in the best hands possible.” 

Client of Sarah Ryan, following a road traffic incident. 


“First and foremost I would like to say a big thank you to you and your team for all the work you have undertaken over the past 3 years which culminated in the positive outcome for my sister yesterday. From the first time we met I have been very impressed by your honesty, integrity and ability to explain complex issues into normal speak. I don’t know if this has been a straight forward or complex case for you but what I do know is that you have provided my sister with hope and purpose where there so easily could have been a giant void for her after what happened whilst realistically managing her expectations throughout.”

Caroline’s brother

“I really benefitted from the referral to PACE rehabilitation in Stockport. The whole package there was excellent and the bespoke limb I got from them seemed to work really well for me.

It was all new to me after the accident and being in the hands of someone experienced is a definite advantage. The service from Serious Injury Law has been 1st class and I know that if I’d tried to find a solicitor myself, I could have got anyone and wouldn’t have known what their experience is.”

Alistair – Brain injury client

“To be honest, when the accident first occurred and our seriously injured daughter was in hospital, getting a lawyer involved was the least of our priorities but after a few weeks we decided we needed help and a junior lawyer from the previous law firm was walking around the wards of the hospital.

Whilst we asked them to act for us/our daughter, we didn’t feel confident with them as we felt like we had to push them all the time to do things when we should have been concentrating on caring for our seriously injured daughter.

Serious Injury Law were recommended to us by someone we knew, and we decided to get in contact with them.

From the outset, Ben Priestley gave us so much confidence that he knew what he was doing and could really help us.

We wish that Ben had been involved from the outset as he would have been able to ensure that our daughter was placed in the right care for her situation. Before we got in touch with Serious Injury Law, our daughter was on an NHS ward which wasn’t suitable for her personal situation which Ben addressed straight away. Prior to that, we could see our daughter’s condition deteriorating as she needed specialist care.

Ben helped us find a home which was right for our daughter’s situation which was really important to us and our daughter.

Overall, we felt 100% better when Ben got involved in our daughter’s case as it felt like a weight had been lifted from us as Ben took over the things that we weren’t confident in handling.

Ben arranged for a new Case Manager to manage our daughter’s rehabilitation and support as the previous Case Manager didn’t really tell us what was going on or give advice.

Ben was in regular contact with us and always told us what he had done and what he needed to do which meant we could focus our attention on our daughter as we didn’t have to worry.

We had every confidence that what was needed to be done was being done.

Ben always gave his advice in plain English, even on complicated legal things, and if we were unsure of something he would explain things really clearly.

He was responsive to phone calls, e-mails and correspondence and was always on the end of the phone when we needed him.

As things have moved along with our daughter’s case, Tim Walters and his assistant Johanna have become involved from a Court of Protection perspective. This has taken a massive worry away from us in terms of handling our daughter’s finances, care etc. We found this could be quite complicated but Tim and Johanna have taken charge and made things so much easier for us.

We would say that anybody we have come into contact with at Serious Injury Law has been excellent.

If we were to give Serious Injury Law a mark out of the 10, we could give them a 10.5. We could not fault them in any way.”

Parent of client

Serious Injury Law was one of 4 solicitors we contacted and interviewed following our son’s tragic car crash in 2014. To this day I do not know what made me ring a solicitor in the dark days when we were on a knife’s edge with our son’s life.
But this was the best decision we have ever made.
Ben Priestley visited us initially at our offices where the family business was run from.
Immediately we were impressed with his in depth knowledge and expertise as well as a very warm and welcoming demeanour.
Ben was heads and shoulders above the 3 other solicitors and within a few days we had instructed Serious Injury Law to represent our son.
That decision and first impression has lasted 5 years and when we finally settled the claim after what can only be described as a very difficult defendant our everlasting opinion remains unaffected.
Ben, Chris, Tim and all the team are without doubt the best in their field and provide the best legal advice along with compassion, expertise and reassurance at every step of the long & bumpy journey.
Serious Injury Law are the ‘Go to’ solicitors in this field and we would not hesitate to recommend them to any other family who, like us, finds themselves in desperate need of support & advice.

P Hibbert, Litigation friend and father of client

Serious Injury Law have been really helpful and the work Ben and Molly have done has been fantastic. I also liked Stephen Maguire the barrister. He explained things to me simply. The whole package of physiotherapy, CBT, a case manager at my shoulder and approachable solicitors, worked for me and the circumstances I found myself in. The overall package of what Serious Injury Law have done has been brilliant. The outcome I got means that I am set up for life.

Mr X, client with extensive orthopaedic injuries

I just wanted to say I have really enjoyed working with you for the duration of the litigation process on X’s case. You have been a great source of support and clearly go above and beyond what many other solicitors would do to facilitate for their client’s needs and that of the wider team and family. I would not hesitate in recommending you to other clients.

Nikki Ounsworth, Partner and Case Manager COOCI Associates LLP

Thank you so much to Serious Injury Law for everything you have done for me. I’m over the moon with the process Serious Injury Law have gone through for me and I am extremely thankful that the whole process is over with now.Mr L, Client with orthopaedic and psychological injuries caused by a criminal act
Many thanks for your help with this and everything else – your involvement just makes everything we (try to) do so much easier it is much appreciated.

Mr C

Spinal Research are delighted to have an excellent relationship with Serious Injury Law. Their detailed approach to understanding every element of spinal injury ensures that the wide range of services they provide, deliver real benefits to those who choose them to act. They are certainly to be regarded as spinal injury specialists.

J Miall, Former Chief Executive, Spinal Research

My family and I chose Serious Injury Law to work on my father’s serious injury case after meeting with one of their Partners, Ben Priestley. It was an extremely traumatic time for us, but he was considerate and discussed our options with compassion. His knowledge and experience impressed us, and he was transparent about the whole process.
“Christopher Lecky also worked on the case, and he was equally fantastic. He gave prompt responses to our questions and concerns, and made great efforts to explain everything to us in detail.
“At the end of the case, Ben, Chris and our barrister worked closely with my family and me for the Joint Settlement Meeting. It stood out to us how they treated us as equal members of the team, and they achieved a fair and excellent outcome.
“I class Serious Injury Law’s services at the very top-of-the-range. I’d like to thank them—Ben and Christopher, in particular—for their measured, knowledgeable and thorough work. My whole family and I appreciate it, and we have no hesitation in recommending Serious Injury Law.

Mr B Evans, son and litigation friend of client with spinal cord, orthopaedic and head injuries

I had an accident a few years ago leaving me with both a spinal cord and a brain injury. I had many new needs, so a legal case was important to me. But I knew that my case was a difficult one, so I wasn’t sure if I’d be successful.
“Thankfully, someone I knew recommended Serious Injury Law to help me. Ben Priestley, Caroline Morris and the team there worked hard to investigate what happened in my accident and present the best case.
“As the trial approached, Ben made an application for the judge to visit and see for herself where I had my accident. The judge agreed, and my wife and I believe that this made all the difference—we think it convinced the other side to pay out.
“Serious Injury Law and the team were absolutely superb. They passed every piece of information I needed straight to me, and I felt like they went out of their way for me. Now my case is over and I have my compensation, I plan to buy a new home and adapt it to help make my life better.

Mr J McCabe, client with head and spinal injuries

My first thoughts about getting Serious Injury Law involved were “Why? What’s the point? How is compensation going to help us right now?” After we met you, we realised that the service is about far more than compensation. We had no idea that a law firm could help with home adaptations and supply us with adapted vehicles. You even placed technology at home to allow our needs to be met in the long term. We would recommend that anyone affected by spinal injury should take time to speak to you and find out more about how you can help.

Mr A Uttridge, partner of a seriously injured client

It is easy to assume that all serious injury lawyers do the same job, but by speaking to the lawyers at Serious Injury Law, it is clear that this is not the case. We are thankful every day that we received a recommendation to speak to Serious Injury Law.

Mrs M Rooprai, client with spinal cord injury

Brain injury is like no other personal injury claim so having the right, specialist legal team is essential. We are reaching the end of our litigation journey and I will always be grateful for the amazing support from Serious Injury Law and in particular Ben Priestley, who made sure we got the best possible outcome for my severely brain injured husband, whilst helping me to stay solvent and sane through what is a complex and often challenging process.

Mrs C Korving, wife of brain injured client

I have been entirely happy with the service provided by Serious Injury Law, and I would recommend you to anyone without hesitation.

Mrs C, client with orthopaedic injury