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The loss of part or all of a limb is a life-changing experience. It can happen for a number of reasons, including road traffic accidents, accidents at work or military action, or a wide range of medical reasons, such as birth defects, cancer or circulation problems.

According to the NHS, 5 to 6,000 limb amputations occur in England in each year. At Serious Injury Law, we understand that behind each of those limb losses, whether congenital or acquired, there is a story.

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The early days following amputation are all about physical and emotional healing, pain management and coming to terms with what has happened. Everyone goes through these stages in different ways and at their own pace but, at some point, if an accident or medical negligence caused the amputation, you or a member of your family might start to think about compensation.

Even if you aren’t certain whether you have a case, or if you think that you were partly to blame, it’s vital to get advice – because a compensation award could make a big difference to your life in future.

At Serious Injury Law, we have many years of experience in amputee claims. We work exclusively in the field of serious and catastrophic injury, and have particular expertise in difficult liability cases. Our team will fight on your behalf to secure the maximum possible amount of compensation, to help you to rebuild your life and adjust to your new situation.

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We understand the challenges that you face in performing day-to-day tasks and the decisions you will need to make about prosthetics, and using assistive devices like wheelchairs and crutches. It is a difficult journey, and there is no doubt that the first year following an amputation is tough, but the team at Serious Law can help to take some of the strain.

As part of your support network, we will ensure that you get access to the very latest prosthetics alongside high-quality rehabilitation and resources. We’ll also look to organise financial help via interim payments to cover any loss of earnings and the expenses associated with your care, housing and transport adaptation, and rehabilitation.

With Serious Injury Law, you’re helped with every aspect of your recovery, and we come to see you wherever you are in the country. We organise care, rehabilitation and life skills; you get any essential custom aids and appliances; we arrange adapted vehicle purchases, implement housing adaptations, and if necessary, help you with buying and moving into more suitable accommodation.

Whatever is needed for you and your case, we help to put in place. We understand how difficult life is during what is often called the ‘hidden disability’, so we lift the burden from you, bringing you peace of mind and a secure future after brain injury.

To find out more, read our client stories and brain injury resource below, or contact our serious injury lawyers today.

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