Mr S was injured and suffered a fractured femur during the course of his employment.

Mr S was in the works car park, when a colleague reversed into him, knocking him to the ground. Primary liability was admitted with contributory negligence alleged at 25%, on the basis that that Mr S was out of his van wandering around the yard and not sticking to the pedestrian route, in contravention of his works policy.

Hayley advised that she would make no concessions unless the Defendant Solicitor supplied her with a copy of the CCTV. Such CCTV was never supplied, and the Defendants eventually admitted a breach of duty and dropped the issue of contributory negligence. An offer was made before medical evidence had been obtained. Hayley advised against acceptance.

The case settled at a Joint Settlement Meeting convened by Hayley, for a six figure sum more than 3 times larger than the initial offer. Mr S was delighted with his settlement.