Sam is a Litigation Executive in our serious injury team. He has worked in personal injury for almost nine years; seven years of which he has spent as a Litigation Executive.

In his role, Sam handles a complex case load of cases upwards of £100k.

Sam has extensive experience of cases involving road traffic and cycling accidents, as well as Employer Public and Occupier’s Liability (ELPL) claims. In addition to this, Sam is particularly interested in serious and complex orthopaedic injury claims, and claims involving pain conditions and fatal accidents.

He enjoys building positive relationships with his clients, who through no fault of their own find themselves in vulnerable positions. Alongside providing legal support, Sam also strives to help his clients to make the best recovery possible from their injuries via rehabilitation, or securing compensation that allows them to move on with their lives.

Sam takes great pride in his work, and he is particularly proud of his involvement in a case in which he made an appeal against a decision at an initial Costs & Case Management Hearing. The decision involved disallowing medical evidence to be heard by a Judge, which would have had a negative impact on the case.  Sam was successful in his appeal, and the medical evidence was heard in court.

In all of his work, Sam is driven to support people through possibly the most challenging time of their lives, including families who have sadly lost a loved one as a result of a fatal accident.

Special Interests

  • Serious Injury Claims
  • Complex Orthopaedic Claims
  • Fatal Accident Claims
  • Employers’ Liability Claims
  • Public Liability Claims
  • Owners’ Liability Claims

Client feedback

  • “Since Sam Ennis took over my case the service and experience has really stepped up has been outstanding. He was proactive whilst working on my case, and everything started to move forward at real pace once he took over. His phones calls and emails were informative, sensitive to the subjects that needed to be discussed, and full of useful discussion that helped me understand everything. I can’t recommend Sam enough, he’s excellent in his role and I can only imagine he has a long list of extremely happy clients.”
  • “My case related to a serious injury after a third party caused a collision. My case was dealt with, with absolute professionalism from the very first step, and despite the amount of time it takes for something like this to conclude, I felt happy with the progression of my case at all times. Considering COVID-19 begun just as my case did, I never felt nervous about the progression. In particular I would love to highlight the work and effort from Sam Ennis. He was sensitive when asking questions, clear with next steps and explaining the process, and set clear expectations. I can’t thank Sam enough for his help and support.”
  • “Please may I take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help. We fully appreciate the amount of work it has taken, and thank you for your time.”


  • Law Degree
  • Legal Practice Course

You can contact Sam at

Alternatively you can call on  0330 058 0377

Sam Ennis

Closed cases


The claimant was riding his motorcycle when the defendant (travelling in opposite direction) turned across his path, resulting in a collision. The claimant sustained multiple serious orthopaedic injuries including a fracture to his left femur and left hip and fractures to his left shoulder and wrist. A settlement of £200k was achieved.

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This case was a fatal accident. The deceased was killed whilst riding his motorcycle. The defendant pulled out from the entrance to a caravan park and a collision ensued, unfortunately resulting in fatal injuries. The claim was brought forward on behalf of the deceased’s Estate and the deceased’s daughter, who was subsequently born after his death. A settlement of £115k was achieved.

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The claimant was riding his motorcycle along an A road when an untraced driver changed lanes, resulting in a collision. The matter was submitted to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau who agreed to work with the claimant. He sustained a significant injury to his right hand which involved a comminated fracture and tendon avulsion, resulting in amputation of his right little finger and reshaping of his hand. This resulted in neurogenic and chronic pain symptoms with reduced grip strength. A settlement of £228k was achieved.

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The claimant was riding his motorcycle when the defendant pulled out from a side road, resulting in a collision. The client sustained a complex right elbow fracture resulting in reduced range of movement, reduced function and ongoing pain. The claimant was employed as a Fitness Instructor at the time of his accident and had to find alternative office-based employment as a result of his injuries. A £175k settlement was achieved.

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The claimant was riding his motorcycle when the defendant attempted to emerge from stationary traffic in order to carry out a U-turn, resulting in a collision. He sustained a relatively minor fracture to his left wrist and a ruptured testicle, requiring an orchidectomy. His losses allowed for costs in relation to assisted reproduction, given the concerns that he may not be able to conceive children naturally, as a result of his injury. A settlement of £80k was achieved.

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The claimant was riding an e-bike, established on a roundabout when the defendant pulled out onto the roundabout, across his path, resulting in a collision. He sustained a significant injury to his right elbow, described as a “terrible triad” injury, requiring surgery to insert metalwork. His symptoms were deemed permanent, and they would have an impact on his future employment prospects and his ability to do certain activities. Despite liability being denied in full throughout the case, a settlement of £208k was achieved for the client.

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