Michael is a Solicitor and Team Leader in our serious injury team. He typically handles cases ranging with settlement figures between £100,000.00 – £500,000.00, comprising of serious injuries and complex financial losses.

Michael qualified as a Solicitor in 2010 and has been working on personal injury claims for over 16 years.

In his career so far, Michael has handled a wide range of serious injury claims, including employers’ liability and public liability. He has also worked on clinical negligence cases; which has allowed him to develop his well-rounded experience in handling all types of personal injury claims. What Michael enjoys the most about his job, is the ability to be there for people in real need, at the most difficult times in their life. Michael helps his clients come to terms with their circumstantial changes, and finds great value in obtaining the compensation settlement that allows them to move forward post-claim.

Michael is proud to be a part of what he calls, a thriving and aspirational serious injury team. In his capacity as a Team Leader, Michael finds great reward in leading his team, and helping to train the next generation of solicitors.

Special Interests (case type)

  • Serious Injury Claims
  • Employer’s Liability Claims
  • Public Liability Claims
  • Spinal Injury Claims

Client Feedback

“I was well looked after from the very start of my case and the team were always happy to help me at the earliest opportunity. They showed a lot of empathy for what I had been through and understood my needs. Thanks again, and a special thank you to Michael.”

“This firm has strived to bring a result, to help me continue to live under some difficulty with mobility, after a severe motorbike accident three years ago.”

“My case has been very complex and not at all easy, many factors have prevented the case from being above a 50% success rate, but Michael Higginson and his team looked at every angle and tried. That is the most important thing, they have TRIED, even when I wouldn’t accept the ultimate result, they tried again.”

“My advice to anyone considering this company is to bear with them, let them do their job and trust that they have your best intention at the forefront of it all. It’s been a choppy road for myself, but I couldn’t have had a more competent team. Again, thanks to Mr Higginson and his team also.”


  • LLB Bachelor of Law
  • Legal Practice Course

Online presence

You can contact Michael at enquiry@seriouslaw.co.uk

Alternatively you can call on  0330 058 0377

Closed cases


The claimant collided with a tractor, causing catastrophic injuries to his pelvis. After multiple failed hip replacements, the claimant had an ice cream cone implant fitted, but this was unfortunately not likely to be a long-term solution. The claimant was very likely to require amputation through the hip in the future and would require substantial care and assistance. The matter proceeded to a joint settlement meeting, but did not settle at this stage. It was however, subsequently settled for £3 million. Liability had been resolved on a 50/50 basis, and so the claimant received £1.5 million.

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In this claim, a motorbike accident took place, for which liability was denied. The claimant had no recollection of the incident, but by using photographs from the scene, we were certain that the claim had prospects to succeed. The claimant suffered life threatening injuries and had to have his spleen removed. He eventually made a remarkable recovery, and incredibly was able to return mostly to a normal life. Michael and his team were able to secure a settlement at £55,000.00 net of liability.

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The claimant was involved in a motorbike accident, sustaining a serious knee injury that required multiple surgeries. Liability was denied for over 3 years, and a witness alleged the claimant ran through a red light. Using the traffic light sequencing and the defendant’s own evidence, Michael and his team were able to argue that the claimant and defendant were both going through a green light at the time of the accident. The claimant made a remarkable recovery, and by conclusion of the claim, his permanent symptoms were negligible. Settlement was finally achieved for £40,000.00.

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The claimant suffered a very serious injury to his ankle in a motorbike accident. He required bone fusion surgery and was no longer able to work as a chef. He was a young man and his life had changed completely in an instant. Whilst medical evidence was never finalised, Michael and his team were able to settle his claim for £300,000.00.

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