Ceri’s career in the serious injury legal field began in 2015, when she joined the team as an initial case handler. Today she is one of our most highly valued and fully qualified Chartered Legal Executives, having developed and grown in various roles within the company.

Her strong work ethic and determination to get the best results for her clients has seen her excel through the ranks, from legal assistant, to working on lower-threshold cases; and now working on some of the biggest cases in the company. Throughout her journey, she has been able to lean on her fellow colleagues for support and learning, to grow into the extremely competent legal professional that she is today.

Ceri finds great reward in guiding her clients through what can often be considered a daunting legal process. She takes great pride in all her work, and is driven by a passion to help change people’s lives. She is a reliable and determined source of legal expertise during what can often be the most difficult time in a person’s life, helping to secure the compensation her clients deserve.

Personal Achievements

Ceri and other members of the team climbed Mt. Snowdon in support of Back Up; a charity that supports individuals with spinal cord injuries. Not only did the group climb Snowdon, they also carried Suzanne, a member of the charity, up to the summit in her wheelchair. It was an incredible day and Ceri found the experience extremely rewarding.

Special Interests (case type)

  • Serious Injury Claims
  • Spinal Cord Injuries Claims
  • Orthopaedic Claims

Client feedback

“5 star team with access to an amazing selection of 3rd parties, to help with everything from physio to career advice. Could not recommend Ceri enough, you can comfortably trust them to handle your claim.”

“I felt like my case was handled exceptionally. I felt like Ceri and her assistant Sarah, handled my case in a caring and emphatic way. I felt great being referred to exceptional doctors and consultants. I felt safe and not worried about my future. The doctors I’ve been referred to were the best around. Thank you very much for handling my case. I was worried about the future outcome of my disease, but the doctors made me feel like I can overcome whatever comes my way.”


  • Fully Qualified Chartered Legal Executive
  • LLM International and Business Law
  • LLB Law

Online presence 

You can contact Ceri at enquiry@seriouslaw.co.uk

Alternatively you can call on  0330 058 0377

Settled cases


Client was involved in a motorcycle accident. He sustained a fracture to the neck of the left femur, a fracture to the left shoulder, an undisplaced fracture of the L1 vertebral body, cuts and bruises and psychological injuries. He was a chef so these injuries were lifechanging for him and he will also require a hip replacement in the future. The case settled for £135,482.50 gross of the interim payment.

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