A solicitor within our catastrophic injuries department, Aimee has more than 10 years’ legal experience. During her career, she has developed specialist knowledge and expertise in catastrophic injury cases.

Aimee represents clients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, ranging in severity, as well as spinal cord injury, amputation, multiple orthopaedic injuries, fatalities and chronic pain disorders.

She works closely with our Private Client team, providing additional support for those who lack mental capacity as a result of the brain injuries they have suffered. Aimee is extremely passionate about catastrophic injury, and is driven to rebuild our clients’ lives, following what are often lengthy and complex legal cases. Aimee is committed to her clients throughout the lifetime of their claim, and is keen to build a rapport with, not just clients, but also barristers, experts and our components – to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Client Feedback

“As soon as Aimee had the case she explained her role, what she planned to do, and then did it. Her communication and information sharing was excellent, and she responded to my often angry emails very quickly, with clarity and empathy. I would recommend this company if I thought everyone received the same service and attention she provided me. She should be rewarded for her humanity, as well as her professionalism.”

“Thank for fighting my case and securing a life changing amount of money. I am now able to live a better quality of life with my family. I can afford to do things I would have struggled to do before. Although I have still challenges ahead of me, it makes them easier to deal with. I know this was a difficult case as the other driver would not accept liability but justice prevailed and I justifiably won my case. Thank you again for fighting for me.”

“Thank you for everything you have done for me, it means a lot to me and the kids and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. The past few years I’ve been to hell and back and when I’ve been in the darkest of places, you’ve helped to turn a light on and help me see and that’s above and beyond what you expect of any solicitor.”

“Aimee, you amaze me! I ask a simple question and you smash it out of the park with a response that has fully answered the question I had and as you well know I appreciate it! Really thank you!”

“I cannot thank Aimee enough, she’s always a phone call or an email away and I appreciate although she’s busy, she does also make time for me.”

“You’ve been so helpful throughout everything in this claim and I couldn’t have asked for anyone better.”

Special Interests

  • Spinal Cord Injury Claims
  • Brain Injury Claims
  • Amputation Claims
  • Fatal Injury Claims
  • Multiple Orthopaedic Injury Claims


  • Bachelor of Law
  • Legal Practice Course
  • Training Contract

Online Presence

You can contact Aimee at enquiry@seriouslaw.co.uk

Alternatively you can call on  0330 058 0377

Settled cases

MO v Morris

Acting for a man who sustained life changing spinal cord injury in a road traffic accident. A settlement was reached 85/15 in his favour with a lump sum of £5m, plus a PPO £125,000 for life.

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Acting for a man who suffered a life changing head injury and lacked capacity to manage his litigation and financial affairs. Substantial amount of involvement was required from the Court of Protection team. £2.8m

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BXA and BXB v Adams

Acting on behalf of the family of a young father of three who tragically died in a road traffic accident. Achieved a settlement of £1.25m.

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CCC and CCD v Sharp

Acting for a young man following a catastrophic motorbike accident in which he sustained a life changing head injury. Achieved a settlement of £4.8million.

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Acting for a man who had suffered a below knee amputation following an accident at work. A case was brought against the client’s employers. He required newly adapted accommodation and support. £2.3m

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Acting for a man with a life changing head injury, after a car ran a red light. He was left minimally conscious and unable to communicate. Settlement £2.5m plus £425,000 PPO for life.

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Acting for a man who suffered a C2 spinal cord injury following a motorcycle accident. As a result, he was unable to move from the neck down and was ventilated. He required a fully adapted house, wheelchairs, equipment and a 24-hour care team. £4.1m lump sum plus £240,000 PPO for life.

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Beasley v Alexander

Landmark case in which our client was a filtering motorcyclist; liability was denied in full and the matter proceeded to Trial. The Court found entirely in favour of our client, despite making a finding that he was travelling over the speed limit, because even if he had been travelling a lesser speed, he would not have had time to avoid a serious accident. He was left unable to walk and lacked capacity to manage his finances or the litigation. £4,270,000 Plus £175,000 PPO for life.

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