Spinal cord injury client stories

‘Harry’ – Life changing injuries following clinical negligence

  • Type of injury: Spinal Injury
  • Cause: Clinical negligence
  • Settlement: Multi-million pound
  • Comments: Harry suffered life changing injuries as a result of a breach of duty of care by the hospital responsible for his care.

‘Benjamin’ – Missed diagnosis of a spinal abscess

  • Type of injury: Spinal Injury
  • Cause: Medical negligence
  • Settlement: Seven-figure compensation
  • Comments: Benjamin sustained life-changing injuries as a result of a spinal abscess not being properly diagnosed. This resulted in a range of problems for our client, including organ failure and reduced power to his lower limbs.

‘Caroline’ – Paralysed during spinal surgery

  • Type of injury: Spinal Injury
  • Cause: Medical negligence
  • Settlement: Multi-million pound
  • Comments: Caroline suffered irreversible damage following a surgical error during cervical spine surgery. Caroline was left paralysed from the chest down with loss of function and sensation, leaving her entirely dependent upon others.

‘Adam’ – A groundbreaking case

  • Type of injury: Spinal Injury
  • Cause: Road traffic accident
  • Settlement: Significant life-changing compensation
  • Comments: This case was transferred to Serious Law as the client was not satisfied that he was receiving the appropriate, specialist advice from his local solicitors. Liability was complex as the accident happened when Adam aquaplaned on standing water.

‘Simon’ – Getting the right help in place

  • Type of injury: Spinal Injury
  • Cause: Road traffic accident – cyclist
  • Settlement: Multi-million pound compensation
  • Comments: As early as possible, we facilitated Simon’s rehabilitation programme and helped to buy equipment, an adapted vehicle and property. Simon’s settlement award included guaranteed annual compensation payments for life.

‘Anne’ – Defying the odds

  • Type of injury: Spinal Injury
  • Cause: Road traffic accident – car
  • Settlement: Multi-million pound compensation
  • Comments: As well as settling this multi-million pound case and facilitating all care needs, Serious Law has built a long-lasting relationship with Anne that continues to this day.

‘Alex’ – From strength to strength

  • Type of injury: Spinal Injury
  • Cause: Road traffic accident – car
  • Settlement: Multi-million pound compensation
  • Comments: We secured the compensation needed to support Alex (then a minor) for the rest of her life. We assisted with implementing a comprehensive package of aids, appliances, adaptations, a rehabilitation regime, a new home and a fully adapted vehicle.

‘Martin’ – Road traffic accident involving uninsured driver

  • Type of injury: Spinal injury
  • Cause: Road traffic accident
  • Settlement: A five-figure settlement
  • Comments: Martin sustained serious injuries to both his spine and knee as a result of a head-on road traffic accident. Liability was difficult to prove in this case due to an unclear insurance policy on the defendant’s part. A five-figure settlement was eventually achieved for our client.

‘Wendy’- Serious Road Traffic Accident

  • Type of injury: Traumatic Brain Injury & Orthopaedic injuries
  • Cause: Road Traffic Accident
  • Settlement: Significant six-figure sum
  • Comments: In this case ‘Wendy’ suffered multiple injuries as a result of a serious road traffic accident.

‘Alan’ – Fractured Spine sustained in an Accident at Work

  • Type of injury: Fractured Spine
  • Cause: Accident at Work
  • Settlement: A five-figure sum
  • Comments: In this case, our client Alan suffered a fractured spine in an accident at work.

‘Simon’ – Workplace accident resulting in a serious back injury

  • Type of injury: Back Injury
  • Cause: Accident at work
  • Settlement: A five-figure sum
  • Comments: In this case our client sustained a serious back injury as a result of a workplace accident.

‘Liam’ – Spinal injury sustained in surgery

  • Type of injury: Spinal cord injury
  • Cause: Spinal surgery
  • Settlement: A seven-figure sum
  • Comments: In this case, our client was rendered tetraplegic, caused by pressure on the spinal cord, following spinal surgery to relieve pressure and replace a disc in their spine. A successful settlement was reached securing our client a multi-million pound figure to fund her future care and additional needs arising from her injuries.

With Serious Injury Law, you’re helped with every aspect of your recovery, and we come to see you wherever you are in the country. We organise care and rehabilitation; essential custom aids and appliances; assist you with your life skills; adapted vehicle purchases; housing adaptations; and if necessary, help you with buying and moving into more suitable accommodation.

Whatever is needed for you and your case, we help to put in place. We understand how difficult it is living with what is called the ‘hidden disability’, so we lift the burden from you, bringing you peace of mind and a secure future after injury.

To find out more, read our client stories, or contact our serious injury lawyers today.

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