Published: 20 September 2021

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Leave the car at home and grab your bicycle instead!

Tomorrow is World Car Free Day! World Car Free Day primarily encourages motorists to either walk or cycle and promotes the idea of reducing dependence on cars, in turn for alternative methods of transport. The aim is to spread awareness on the benefits of using alternative methods of transport.

Benefits of Walking or Cycling

One of the top alternative methods of transport is cycling. Some of the benefits include:

  • Decreased Carbon Footprint
  • Increased savings from less travel expenses
  • Becoming fitter and healthier from physical exercise


There are many more benefits from cycling, including improved air quality in towns and cities, reduced pollution levels and a healthier community.

Why participate?

World Car Free Day aims to raise awareness of air pollution from vehicles, and the negative impact which cars have on the environment. Instead of travelling by car, consider alternative options in order to reduce the negative impact which motor vehicles have on the environment.

From participating, you are actively encouraging alternative methods of transport and the reducing carbon emissions. Whether you opt to cycle or walk, you will be helping the environment, and yourself in terms of health and finance.

We have a range of articles featured on our blog which discuss the benefits of cycling on health, communities and the environment:


What will your alternative method of transport be? #CarFreeDay

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