Three more cases settled successfully

Ben Priestley, solicitor and partner, settled three recent cases

We are delighted to report that in recent weeks, senior solicitor and partner Ben Priestley has successfully settled three separate cases, all involving pedestrians being struck by vehicles.

The cases each had long-standing disputes on liability. They were all resolved by way of either negotiation or by a Joint Settlement Meeting; a process by which legal representatives from both sides meet in person to negotiate.

One client was struck by a car when attempting to rescue another driver who had lost control, and Ben successfully argued against the defending solicitors’ claim that our client was essentially the “author of [their] own misfortune”.

A further case was dealt with by another law firm for almost two years before they decided they could no longer continue acting for the client, as they felt that the case would not succeed. The seriously injured client’s case was accepted by Serious Law LLP, and following specialist input, a negotiated settlement was achieved.

Finally, we are extremely pleased to note that despite each of these clients experiencing very serious initial injuries, all have gone on to make comparatively good recoveries.