The perks to commuting by e-bike

Published: 29th March 2022

When it comes to the morning commute, the idea of ditching the easier four-wheeled option for a bike can often be a daunting one, especially for first timers. But we’re here to tell you that it needn’t be so complicated, and as the popularity of the e-bike versus rising fuel costs shows, the solution is electric.

E-bikes are cheaper than cars and public transport

With fuel prices and train season tickets skyrocketing and the roads over-crowded with commuter traffic, it is far more cost-effective to ride an e-bike. For short-to-medium length commutes, two wheels are more efficient than four and even with cycle insurance, far cheaper still.

Granted, the up-front price of the bike can be daunting, but if you ride it every day, it will take years to sink the same amount of money into the bike than you do on one year’s worth of fuel, car maintenance or public transport costs. Keep your hard-earned money in your pocket, get an e-bike.

You’ll be helping the environment

Not only is it cheaper than car travel, but it’s also far better for the environment. We live in a time where we are more conscious of our carbon footprint than ever before and riding e-bike to work is one step towards dramatically reducing your own. According to Environment Protection UK, road transport accounts for 22% of the total UK emissions, so one way to help reduce this figure and its impact is through a non-polluting e-bike. We are also hyper aware of the respiratory impact from fumes, so dodge the unhealthy jams and start living better.

You’ll improve your fitness

The effort required may be less than a conventional bicycle but that doesn’t mean you won’t be using any energy. In fact, you can still get fitter as you may ride for far longer distances than before thanks to the boosting abilities of an e-bike. Any amount of exercise like this will strengthen your muscles, increase the efficiency of your cardiovascular system and even help you to lose weight.

You don’t need to wear cycling kit

Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles to cycle commuting is people thinking that you’ll need to wear head-to-toe lycra. This couldn’t be further from the truth, especially if you ride an e-bike. Never forget to wear a helmet of course but you can wear what you need to be comfortable and ready for work. In fact, cycle-commute fashion is a whole sub section of cycling with brands bringing out more urban and practical clothing every year.

You won’t be too sweaty for work

Crucially, you won’t need to wear cycle kit because you’ll sweat less so you’ll look and feel cooler as you won’t need to put in as much effort as you would have had to without a motor. This cooling factor may even negate the need for shower facilities if your workplace doesn’t have any.

All the benefits of the cycle commute but quicker

The benefits of cycle-commuting are vast, and on an e-bike, you benefit from all of them, just quicker. Cycling has a positive impact on your mental health including reduced anxiety and stress, better sleep and greater happiness. As you can imagine, working on these key mental triggers through cycling will make you a more productive employee and calmer human in general.

You’ll be ready for the day ahead

Similarly to mental health, riding to work will make you feel refreshed, energised and ready to face the workday. Instead of crawling through frustrating queues, get through the traffic easier on an e-bike and get to work in good time with more energy to burn. Even if it is a tough day in the office, there’s always the leisurely ride home to look forward to. You will also see your area in a different light, connect with the local environment with all your senses and hopefully bask in good weather.

You won’t need to worry about parking

Half the battle of commuting is where you park your car. With every single metre of parking real estate usually already filled by the time you get there, looking for a big space to leave your motor can make you late and impact on your anger and stress levels. Negate this completely by riding an e-bike in and simply locking it up at the storage facility at work, which is far easier.

Some e-bikes even fold

If you’re tight on space at home or in the office, folding e-bikes are the perfect solution. When folded into a small package, you can easily store it at work under a desk and take public transport with the bike for part of the way in. It will be heavier than the average folding bike but is worth it to not have to think about parking and storage.

E-bikes are great fun

Most importantly, e-bikes are super fun to ride. Feeling the acceleration beneath you and getting to work ahead of your car-driving colleagues, cycling to work introduces a new world of possibilities.

So, what are you waiting for? Head down to your local bike shop an ask about a test ride on an e-bike. It will start by changing your commute and saving you some cash and may evolve into a pursuit of exercise that changes your life and the environment around you.

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