Published: 14th December 2021

While motorcycle accidents can occur for several reasons, it is very often a case of careless car driving and the old classic “I just didn’t see you, mate.”

We can of course educate drivers to be more aware of their role in preventing motorcycle accidents, but as a motorcyclist, you are also responsible for making yourself as visible as possible on the road.

Here are our top tips to increase your chances of being seen when out and about on your bike:

1. Wear bright/reflective clothing

Probably the most obvious way to make yourself highly visible is to wear high-vis. From a driver’s vantage point, your body is the majority of what they see, so make sure your kit is as bright and reflective as possible.

It can be something as simple as a high-vis vest over your jacket, or you can choose gear that features fluorescent colours and reflective strips as part of its design. You can also get some very cool, super bright helmets that will really ensure you’re seen.

2. Reflective tape

With your gear sorted, turn your attention to the bike itself. Make sure it’s as visible as possible at night by adding retro-reflective strips to the wheel rims, fairings, tail light and panniers.

This inexpensive solution works by reflecting a vehicle’s headlights, effectively illuminating parts of the bike that would otherwise be invisible. Wheel rim strips provide vital visibility when you’re pulling out of a T-junction in the dark.

3. Add auxiliary lights

In addition to reflective tape, you can add auxiliary LED lights, which work to give you extra visibility during the day and at night. Adding them to the front of your motorcycle will make you more noticeable to oncoming traffic turning in front of you.

By adding them to the full width of your motorcycle, you’ll also give drivers a better perspective in terms of the distance between them and you.

4. Tap your brakes

This technique is a great way to communicate to drivers behind you, alerting them to your presence when visibility is poor or traffic ahead of you is slowing. Think of it in the same way you might use your hazard warning lights in a car.

The idea is to tap very lightly on the brakes so that the light flashes rapidly, catching the eye of the driver and ensuring they know you are there. It can also be handy to warn off tailgating cars, which is another prime cause of motorcycle accidents.

5. Avoid blind spots

The clue is in the name here. If you’re in a blind spot, the driver of the vehicle cannot see you. Get clued up on where the blind spots are situated and avoid riding in them for long periods of time.

While it’s impossible to avoid blind spots completely, you can minimise the chances of having an accident by making your passes swift and efficient. Position yourself in the lane so that all surrounding vehicles have the best possible chance of seeing you.

6. Use your horn

Sometimes you need to be heard to be seen, so don’t be afraid to use your horn to make other road users aware of your presence. We’re not talking aggressive beeping for the sake of it, but rather using your horn sensibly and when warranted.

A quick tap on the horn can snap a driver’s drifting attention towards you and your motorcycle and make the difference between them causing an accident or not.


Stay protected on your ride

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