Published: 23rd November 2021

We’re getting closer to the new year which means as cyclists we are beginning to look ahead to what we want to achieve in 2022. Setting targets is a really important step if you want to keep improving on the bike. They can also boost your motivation to get out on the bike, especially in the cold winter months, and are a good way of ensuring that you will keep moving forward and enjoying the sport.

Resolutions is a catch-all term though and encompasses many different types of targets. So, we’ve collated eight such things to try in the new year from short to long-term goals. These aren’t just the standard go to the gym more, eat fewer snacks etc. that are often broken a couple of days into January, but instead, bike-centric resolutions that anyone could realistically achieve.

Before you start following this list though, it’s important to write down what success looks like to you. How you will measure the success of the resolution is unique to each cyclist but an incredibly important first step.

Get fit for spring

Probably the oldest resolution in the book, getting fit is a short-term target we often set ourselves after a particularly fruitful Christmas. The issue is that it is a vague goal. Fit for what? And when? That’s why aiming to be in shape for Spring is a much more manageable and measurable resolution.

Being specific with this target is key, decreasing weight while increasing fitness is a good place to start and using something like an early season sportive or planned long ride is an added motivation. Never lose sight of why you ride your bike though, have fun with your cycling and do little and often so that you keep in the saddle.

Cyclist cycling through the mountains

Work on your nutrition

The next resolution to focus on would be to sort your nutrition. A healthy, balanced diet is important as it will facilitate a lot of the other targets on your list. Small, gradual changes to your nutrition are a really good way of keeping on top of this target. Taking time to prepare a healthy porridge fuelled breakfast pre-ride, or grabbing a high protein recovery drink so that your muscles can repair post-ride are two quick fixes that make a difference. Having a plan for nutrition that you are comfortable with will improve both your cycling and lifestyle as a whole.

A healthy bowl of porridge including chai seeds, banana and blueberry

Cycle to work

Switching the train, bus or car for your bike is the perfect way to keep fit and kickstart your year on the bike. Plan your route ahead of time, make sure that your workplace has ample places to lock your bike up, and join the thousands of other cyclists that enjoy a daily commute. Need convincing? Read our previous blog post, why you should commute by bike.

Cycling to work in the city centre featuring some signage to guide cyclists

Follow a training plan

Having focussed on a short-term fitness schedule for spring, you can evolve your training into a longer-term plan for the year ahead. It can be as simple as buying a diary to log your efforts, or researching and adapting an online plan to suit your riding. So much of your ride data is already tracked by apps like Strava, and logging these statistics will help you to see what your strengths and weaknesses are so that you can develop a plan to improve in your weaker areas.

Man using a fitness tracker

Planning a cycling holiday

There’s no better time to think about getting away than on those cold morning rides. Planning an adventure or even booking a cycling holiday is the perfect remedy for winter blues. It can also help to focus the mind and acts as a goal to help ensure you’re on track with your training and nutrition plans.

Cyclists travelling across a wooden bridge in a countryside setting

Take it off-road

Trying out the many cycling disciplines is a fun way of staying fresh. Off-roaders will see fitness gains when they start putting in the road miles while a road cyclist will find that their handling skills will improve if they try out mountain biking or even a stint on a cyclocross bike. You never know, you might find that you enjoy this change of pace and find a fun new discipline to challenge yourself in.

Lone cyclist biking through mountain setting

Race or do an event

The thrill of pinning a number on the back of your jersey is something special. Racing, whether it be cross, road, mountain bike, time trial or triathlon, is a fantastic goal to aim at once you have a training and nutrition regime. It opens up a whole different side to the sport and allows you to make the most of your competitive edge.

Cyclists racing in the countryside in the United Kingdom

Introduce a friend to cycling

Finally, introducing a friend to the sport we know and love is incredibly rewarding. Cycling is good for the body and the mind and is a cheap and sustainable way to travel, and these things simply should not go unshared. You could end up with a cycling buddy for life.


Two cyclists travelling uphill surrounded by mountains and rich scenery in the United Kingdom

We know new year’s resolutions can be trivial but even if you don’t set yourself any immediate goals, it’s a good time to look at where you are in your cycling journey. If you do reach a target, reward yourself with a new piece of cycling kit. We hope 2022 is a happy year for you on two wheels.


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