Current Client Update: Colin gets back on track

Our client's wife models his new electric bicycle

Colin Withers, one of our current clients, was once a keen motorcyclist.

Unfortunately, a few years ago he was involved in a road traffic accident in which he sustained multiple serious injuries.

He’s been through a truly challenging time, and though Colin is due to undergo further surgery, he’s not letting it stop him.

Colin is making such great progress with his recovery that he’s recently found another way of getting back on two wheels, and we at Serious Law LLP are proud to have been able to help him do so.

To find out how he’s getting back on track, we first take a brief look through Colin’s remarkable journey:

A serious accident

Colin’s motorcycle accident involved a collision with an oncoming vehicle and his resulting injuries were so severe (particularly in his leg), that he was immediately in fatal danger through blood loss.

But despite this, Colin can actually be considered to have been very fortunate that day.

An unknown doctor (who Colin later traced through a newspaper appeal) was on hand and realised Colin’s grave situation.

An ambulance would take too long to get to him. And he was losing blood, fast.

Thinking quickly, the doctor rang for the North West Air Ambulance.

He knew that this was Colin’s only hope of survival, and he was airlifted to Blackburn Royal Infirmary in just five minutes – something that would be completely impossible by road.

Without this, things may have turned out very differently.

Soon afterwards, Colin realised that he needed specialist help for the aftermath of his accident.

He was advised by a general practice solicitor in his family that he needed to seek out a serious injury lawyer and we were soon appointed.

Often overlooked

Since being appointed to represent Colin, we have done all we can in order to help his case and his continuing recovery.

This has included securing several interim payments from the defendant's insurers in order to meet his immediate and long-term needs.

Yet one aspect that’s often overlooked after a serious injury is the impact it can have on an injured person’s social life, not least the effect that it can have on their general sense of well-being.

As serious injury lawyers, we are acutely aware of this; helping injured people to make both social and psychological improvements are just as important as helping to restore their bodily function.

Colin’s case was no different.

Before his accident, Colin enjoyed the freedom of the roads and to spend quality time with his family, so there was no reason why his active lifestyle should end simply because of his injuries.

So when Colin made a request, we were only too happy to help.

Back on two wheels

As a way of helping to get out and about with his family, Colin asked if we could help him with the purchase of an electric bicycle.

An electric bicycle can be a perfect way of helping people with serious leg injuries to become mobile once again.

It would enable Colin to travel without the need for strenuous pedalling, saving any risk of extra damage to his weakened leg.

Clearly, the purchase of an electric bicycle would be a boost to Colin’s lifestyle and well-being.

The necessity of such purchases may be overlooked by law firms without relevant serious injury experience because to a non-injured person, buying an expensive electric bicycle may be considered a non-essential purchase.

However, in Colin’s case there was no way that it could be considered to be a luxury item, as the far-reaching effects and benefits to his lifestyle and general wellbeing were obvious.

We raised this with the defendant’s insurers and were swiftly able to secure an interim payment to cover the cost of the electric bicycle.

And we’re happy to report that it has been a great success.

Once again, Colin is mobile and enjoying life out and about. He’s even sent us a photo over of his wife with the electric bike (below) to show us how much of a difference it has made.

And to see these successes in Colin’s recovery – no matter how big or small – is something that never fails to impress us.

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