Brand new Back Up Mentoring Handbook available now

The Back Up Mentoring Handbook's front cover

Following the announcement earlier this year of our support for Back Up’s spinal injury mentoring scheme, we at Serious Law are now proud to confirm completion of the official Back Up Mentoring Handbook and its availability on this website.

As long-time supporters of Back Up, a charity that envisages a world where people with spinal injury realise their full potential, we are delighted to have been involved in the handbook’s creation, and we are honoured to support such an important charity.

The handbook explains how Back Up’s mentoring scheme supports those newly affected by spinal injury by providing a peer to act as their mentor i.e. someone who is of a similar age and who has been through similar experiences, and is able to offer their invaluable support and advice.

Based across the UK, all of Back Up’s mentors are fully-trained volunteers who can either be on hand to offer face-to-face advice, or if preferred, they can be just a phone call away. And because spinal injury has such far-reaching consequences, the mentoring scheme is not simply limited to those who are injured – Back Up also provides peer-led guidance and assistance for family members.

Inside the Back Up Mentoring Handbook, you will find much more in-depth explanations about how their spinal injury mentoring scheme works, along with a handy list of do’s and don’ts. There are some FAQs readily answered for your quick reference, along with testimonials from people who have experienced wonderful gains from their participation in the scheme.

With Back Up’s values mirroring those of our own here at Serious Law, we embrace the opportunity of working together to help people rebuild after experiencing spinal injury.

Download your completely free copy of the Back Up Mentoring Handbook in PDF format from our free guides section.