Published: 26th January 2021

The thought of advanced rider training can be daunting as a novice motorcyclist, or feel unnecessary as an experienced biker, but it’s something that all riders should certainly consider. From building your confidence to refining your skills and even saving you money, here’s the lowdown on advanced rider training and what it can do for you.

What is advanced rider training?

Advanced rider training is a course or qualification that you can choose to do after gaining your legally required motorcycle licence.

Do I have to do advanced rider training?

No. There is no legal requirement to complete any rider training beyond your motorcycle licence, however many motorcyclists find it incredibly beneficial.

What will advanced rider training do for me?

Advanced Rider Training is designed to improve your skills as a motorcyclist, build your confidence on the road and increase your safety awareness to reduce the risk of motorcycle accidents. In some cases, it can also save you money on your insurance premiums.

Do I have to be an advanced rider to sign up?

No. You can sign up for advanced rider training no matter how experienced you are as a motorcyclist. Novice riders will find huge benefit in completing an advanced riding course, building knowledge and confidence, and gaining valuable experience on the road.

I’ve been riding for years so I’m already advanced. Why do I need training?

Advanced rider training is a good idea for all motorcyclists, regardless of how long you have been riding. It is an excellent way to hone your existing skills, remove any bad habits, further advance your riding technique and improve your road safety awareness.

How does advanced rider training work?

There are many courses available across the UK and they differ in approach, but you will usually do a combination of classroom-based theory and on-road observed riding. The latter part includes an assessment of your riding followed by feedback on your strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.

What kind of thing will I learn in advanced rider training?

Your instructor will likely focus on things like rider attitude, collision causation, cornering, positioning, overtaking, observation, braking, speed, acceleration, hazard perception and use of gears.

Does advanced rider training take the fun out of riding?

No. In fact, completing an advanced rider training course can increase your enjoyment on the motorcycle by improving your skills and helping you fulfil your potential as a rider. The better rider you are, the more you’ll enjoy the ride.

How do I sign up for advanced rider training?

There are many courses available across the UK and they vary in cost and duration. Do your research and choose the best suited to your needs. Check with your bike’s manufacturer and your insurer to see if they run or are affiliated with any rider training schemes. ROSPA, the IAM, BikeSafe and the government-led DVSA all offer recognised advanced rider training.


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