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Road accident client stories

'Edward' - Knocked off his bicycle by a lorry

  • Type of injury: Orthop
  • Cause: Road traffic accident
  • Settlement: Five figure sum
  • Comments: Edward was riding his bicycle on the near side of a lorry as they approached a pedestrian crossing. As the lights turned amber the lorry driver decided to try and 'beat the lights' resulting in a collision with our client.

‘Jim’: A cyclist's life beyond brain injury

  • Type of injury:
  • Cause: Road traffic accident - cyclist
  • Settlement: Multi-million pound compensation
  • Comments: Following specialist legal representation from Serious Law LLP, Jim was awarded substantial compensation for his severe brain injury. We helped to put in place everything he and his wife needed to secure their future together, and we continue to provide Jim’s Court of Protection services.

'Joseph': A pedestrian's life-changing case

  • Type of injury:
  • Cause: Road traffic accident - pedestrian
  • Settlement: Double the initial offer
  • Comments: Our solicitors succeeded in securing double the initial offer from the defendants. This means that Joseph is able to look forward to a more comfortable future after his catastrophic pedestrian accident.

‘Carl’: A biker's life after a serious leg injury

  • Type of injury:
  • Cause: Road traffic accident – motorbike rider
  • Settlement: More than five times the initial offer
  • Comments: With specialist legal advice from Serious Law’s motorbike accident serious injury experts, Carl was awarded a series of interim payments to help with his finances and rehabilitation. We were also able to secure an additional six figure compensation award, which was more than five times the sum offered by the defendant’s insurers. Carl and his wife now have peace of mind about the future.

'Matthew' - motorcycle accident

  • Type of injury: Brain
  • Cause: Road traffic accident
  • Settlement: Seven figure settlement
  • Comments: Matthew's case involved a head on motorcycle collision with an oncoming vehicle. Our client sustained multiple injuries including ligament and bone damage to his left leg resulting in limited mobility. As a result of his accident, our client also sustained a head injury.