Long-term security for the vulnerable and seriously injured

Serious Injury Law’s Court of Protection team manages clients’ property and affairs across the UK to protect their best interests and provide a stable and comfortable future.

If someone you care for has experienced a life-changing injury or debilitating condition, it’s understandable that you’ll want to protect them – especially when they’re unable to make important decisions about their own finances, property or personal welfare.

The Court of Protection is the legal body responsible for helping such people (defined by the Mental Capacity Act 2005 as lacking capacity and known as a protected party). It can make decisions in the best interests of protected parties, or it can appoint someone else to do this, known as a deputy of the Court of Protection.

Sometimes, partners or relatives take on this role, but many find it overwhelming if there is a large estate or compensation award to manage. Many do not want this extra burden if they are already providing care, so an experienced and highly recommended independent professional deputy is often a better option.

So whether you need help with your deputy role, or if you need to appoint a professional deputy, Serious Law’s expert Court of Protection team is here for you.

The services we offer you

With over 33 years’ experience handling the highest-level serious injury cases, we offer tailored Court of Protection services to meet your needs. Amongst a wide range of help available to you, our expertise covers:

  • Acting as a deputy
  • Personal injury trusts
  • Appointing a deputy
  • Fund/expense management
  • Transferring deputyships
  • Statutory wills
  • General advice
  • Resolving disputes

What to expect from our deputy

Tim Walters is Serious Injury Law’s Managing Partner and a professional deputy of the Court of Protection. He and his team offer you a close and personable, yet professional service that always has clients’ best interests at heart.

We work hard to understand what’s important to you, ensuring that we give you reassurance in the following areas:

Steady and continuous income

Through careful planning and investment, we try to ensure that income lasts as long as possible. From paying bills to benefits and pension arrangements, we help to manage your protected party’s financial needs.

Tax planning

We liaise with dedicated tax planning professionals to ensure that all tax affairs are organised efficiently, giving you full peace of mind about your protected party’s tax position.

Property management

We help to make decisions about property, such as installing housing adaptations or selling a property that doesn’t meet your loved one’s care needs, and then buying a more suitable property.

Employment of support workers

Like you, we understand that it’s vital to provide the highest standard of care. We make sure that case managers, carers and support workers are suitably qualified and experienced to deliver the quality of care that you need.

Tailored to you

Our services are flexible, so we’ll be involved as little or as often as you need. Some clients speak with us daily, others much less. Whatever you prefer, we provide you with seamless and non-intrusive assistance.

As deputy for the Court of Protection, Tim understands that his role is not solely to manage accounts or look after finances, but to maintain good relationships with an understanding of his clients’ needs.

“He has good listening skills and will consider all opinions before making a calculated and informed decision, as his full focus of attention is on how to manage his clients’ situations in their best interests at all times.

“This ability, combined with good humour, allows him to communicate effectively with all age groups and backgrounds. Whilst his approach is empathetic and pleasant, I know that he is ready to take a firm stance and make difficult decisions when necessary.”

Stan Coupe: Senior Consultant Financial Advisor at Frenkel Topping

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