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Case handlers:

Patrick Cheadle (Senior Associate)

Jerard Knott (Senior Solicitor)

In this case, H was 12  years old when she collapsed at home and after being taken to Hospital she was diagnosed with subdural empyema which had been missed by her GP when she attended the surgery only three days before. As a result, H has been left with a brain injury which has completely changed her life. Serious Injury Law are investigating the case and have taken action to secure compensation for H, but also to support her rehabilitation.

Incident and Injuries:

H was 12 when she presented to her GP with flu like symptoms, swelling of the face, and a distorted voice. The GP diagnosed acute sinusitis. 3 days later, H collapsed at home and was taken to Hospital. There, H was diagnosed with subdural empyema which had been missed by the GP.

H underwent 4 brain surgeries to drain puss out of her face that kept recollecting. After the 3rd surgery H lost speech and eyesight, but these have now improved. It took 3 months for the pus to stop recollecting and after the 4th surgery, H was discharged in a wheelchair, just before her birthday.

After discharge. the medication prescribed to H has caused her to develop gallstones resulting in H’s gallbladder being removed. H has been left with a brain injury. She has persisting right sided weakness impacting on her mobility, suffered epileptic seizures and fatigue which have impacted upon her education and social life, and she now also needs to wear glasses to correct her eyesight.

H used to enjoy playing sports before the injury, but she now lacks the confidence to play. She is concerned that due to her brain injury, she will not be able to play as well as she used to.

Since the incident, H has suffered psychologically and developed body dysmorphia, social anxiety and panic attacks.

How we have helped:

The case has been previously turned down by other solicitors. Then, Child Brain Injury Trust recommended Serious Injury Law to HM’s mother, and she approached us to ask for our specialist help. Here at Serious Law Limited we have taken the time to properly investigate the circumstances of the incident and carry out extensive research into the client’s symptoms and diagnosis. We have advised that we can take the case on and seek compensation for H.

One of our Senior Solicitors and a Legal Assistant have visited the H and her family at their home to assess H’s rehabilitation and advise on her case.

This case is ongoing and we are hopeful to secure a six-figure settlement for H.


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