"They have been absolutely superb. I can’t praise them highly enough, because I wouldn’t be where I am now if it hadn’t been for them."

– Diane, client's wife

‘John’ – A cyclist’s path to recovery

How it happened

One winter morning, John cycled his daily route to work.

As always, he wore high-visibility clothing and a helmet, and took the main road into the busy town centre.

Close to a roundabout, a large waste bin truck knocked John to the ground with a force that shattered his helmet.

Despite this protection, the impact caused devastating, life-threatening injuries to his brain.

Paramedics rushed John to hospital and transferred him to the neuro-intensive care unit, where medical staff discovered that he'd fractured the base of his skull and, sadly, suffered a severe brain haemorrhage.

This sent him into a deep but brief coma, during which he required the permanent removal of some bone from his skull.

Once stabilised and conscious, the extreme force of this catastrophic brain injury left John in a post-traumatic state of confusion with impaired cognitive function.

He had difficulty communicating and had significantly reduced mobility, as well as deafness in his right ear.

Around a month after the accident, John’s wife called Serious Law to see how we could help.

With our experience of brain injury cases, we were well aware of the impact that this life-changing event would have on the lives of both John and his family, and we knew that we could assist him in making a claim.

How we helped

Our lawyers began work on establishing fault for the accident. The police report offered only scant information, so could not provide us with an answer.

To build John's case, our investigation team undertook a reconstruction of the accident. We enlisted the assistance of the necessary experts and, crucially, we gathered CCTV footage of the stretch of road where the accident happened. This helped us to retrace John’s journey piece by piece.

We identified the vehicle that had struck John, the speed at which it travelled, and the fact that the driver appeared to have been unaware of John’s presence.

This was pivotal, as it allowed us to create a case against the driver, establish fault, and secure damages.

Alongside the litigation process, we also assessed John’s physical condition to find out what impact his brain injuries would have on both him and his family.

We appointed a case manager with brain injury expertise, and together we put in place the necessary framework for John’s care, housing adaptations and rehabilitation programmes.

John received physiotherapy and hydrotherapy to improve his mobility and stability, occupational therapy sessions to improve his daily living skills, and personal training to build his core strength and balance.

We instructed private companies to provide high quality custom-built aids and adaptations such as wheelchairs, a hoist, a new bed, and we helped him buy a Motability car.

Ultimately, our team successfully secured a six-figure compensation payment for John, with annual periodical payment to help support both him and his family for the rest of his life.

But Serious Law’s help did not end there.

John today

John’s brain injuries were so severe that medical experts deemed that he lacked the capacity to look after his own affairs.

To assist with the administration of his funds and affairs, the court appointed our dedicated Professional Deputy of the Court of Protection and, to this day, our team is on hand to provide him with financial security.

This includes managing his care payments, ensuring that he receives the correct benefits advice, and using his compensation in the manner laid out by the Court at the time of settlement.

We take pride in providing support after a serious injury, and we understand that people who suffer from brain injuries need help with adapting to both their condition and the world around them.

Getting the correct level of brain injury compensation for people like John is the just first step in doing this.

For us at Serious Law, our next step is to help them continue rebuilding their lives.

If you or someone you care about has experienced a brain injury like John, please contact us now to find out how we can help you.