Lancashire Disability Rackets and Serious Law

Working together for the future of disability tennis

A chance meeting led to a special partnership

In 2015, John Sherrington, Senior Partner at Serious Law LLP, met head of Lancashire Disability Rackets and USN Bolton Arena Indoor Wheelchair Tennis Tournament Director, Tony Knappett. Both understood the value that they can offer people with disabilities.

Serious Law LLP’s specialist legal and rehabilitation services help to rebuild the lives of people with serious injuries, whilst Lancashire Disability Rackets gives disabled people access to sport to help with their recovery.

Serious Law LLP and Lancashire Disability Rackets then sought to work together to improve the development of UK disability tennis.

How it worked

  • Lancashire Disability Rackets promotes physical and mental rehabilitation through sport

  • Serious Law LLP’s backing helped Lancashire Disability Rackets reach out to people across the UK

  • Visits take in schools, hospitals, spinal centres and exhibitions to attract new players

  • With more people involved, disability tennis improves the lives of players and their families


  • With our help, Lancashire Disability Rackets got its message out to more adults and juniors than ever before

  • A growing group of junior wheelchair tennis players received elite level coaching

  • A junior squad was founded. 17 new players joined in under a year

  • Players received brand new kit at the latest Lancashire Disability Rackets Wheelchair Tennis Camp

How to get started

Whether you want to get in shape, start a new hobby or join a community, people of all ages can benefit from disability tennis.

It’s exciting, fast-paced and non-contact—ideal for people after serious injuries or with disabilities.

With access to great coaching and facilities, disability tennis can change your life.

Contact Lancashire Disability Rackets today on 07803 74 79 00